Traansmission is a real-time, location-based system that gives shippers and truckers the power of direct communication. Shifting gears on freight. It's our Traansmission.

Good news for our Android users

The wait is over and the Android app is now available on Google Play. 

We are still working on a few more features, but you can easily browse for loads in your area. 

Happy load hunting! 

Traansmission benefits for shippers

Lower rates

Did we mention cost? As a technology platform, we get cheaper (and faster) as we get larger. By connecting you directly to carriers, we eliminate extra layers of fees.

We charge 3% flat rate.


Increased efficiency

Real-time service allows you to contact and confirm carriers when you need them. Manage your available loads, track your shipments, and rate the quality of service.

We reduce time to fill from days to as little as 2 hours

Quality assurance

Only accident-free drivers can use our platform to ensure the highest levels of quality. Our customer service is here to help you throughout the process.                                      

We screen all drivers for accidents/incidents before letting them on the platform. 

Traansmission benefits for carriers

Direct Access

We connect you directly to loads. We know what you really want is to get loaded. Use the app to find a load; pick it up; drop it off.  It's that simple.          

...For this we charge you nothing. Ever.

Load Matching

Using a proprietary route-matching algorithm, we find you the best shipments and routes, based on where you are, where you're headed, and what you prefer.

We also show you how much you make. Upfront.

Fewer Miles, More $$

The average carrier is spending 26 days (3+ weeks!) per year driving an empty truck. You could make an average of $18,000 more/year if you drive fully-loaded.

Even more when you think of the $ you aren't spending stuck in traffic on bad routes.


Jason Cahill

Co-founder & CEO

Strong business background
(Carnegie Mellon MBA 2014).
Former Army Special Forces
Built multinational data network used in search & rescue efforts in Haiti.
Passionate about optimization and efficiency.

Emil Lamm Nielsen

Co-founder & CTO

MS in Computer Science,
Columbia University.
Full Stack & Big Data developer.
Built a navigation system specifically designed for persons with dementia.
Passionate about coding to solve real problems.

Contact Us

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How does it work?

Old Way

Trucker:  You drive. You unload. You wait a LOT?

Shipper: You need stuff moved? You wait a LOT? You pay a LOT.

Traansmission Way

Trucker: You drive. You unload. You launch our app. You find a load. You pay nothing.

Shipper: You need stuff moved? You give us EDI access, OR send us your needs. You pay 3% fee.


How can I sign up?

Click on the link at the top of the screen to download the app. Currently, signup for carriers/truckers is done within the app.

What is Traansmission?

Traansmission is fast.

Traansmission is cost savings.

Traansmission is network intelligence.

Because we're a technology company, we can fill shipper's needs in as little as 2 hours.

We are free for truckers/carriers.

We charge a 3% load fee for shippers.

Our route recommendations make sure that the right trucker is driving the right route. 

Can I see where my shipment is?

Absolutely! As you put your freight up on the portal, we make sure you're able to track it in real-time.

How much does it cost?

It's free for carriers/truckers!

For shippers, we charge 3% per load.


I love it! How can I refer a driver/carrier/shipper?

Coming Soon!

We're working on a "Refer a Friend" program.

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